1. Personal information

Any personal information provided to or gathered by maxmanpower.eu and Aliaz Cooperation SIA is controlled by the company and will not be shared with any third party. Information is stored up to five years before deleted. Any stored information gathered will not be used for future marketing campaigns, unless you accept this, during sign up. At any point in time you have the right to know what information, the company has stored about you. You can request for this to be changed or deleted.

2. Payment security

When using your credit card to send payment to maxmanpower.eu (Aliaz Cooperation SIA), the company will use an approved encryption method for this transaction. Your credit card information shall only be used for transactions approved by you.

3. Cookies

Maxmanpower.eu (Aliaz Cooperation SIA) may use cookies to store and sometimes track information about you. A cookie is a small file, which is stored on your computer. This is done to save information about your preferences and save information for your next visit. You can always delete saved cookies under the settings of your web browser.

4. Disclaimer

Maxmanpower.eu (Aliaz Cooperation SIA) is not responsible any third party websites or how they are collecting personal data and information or if these are compliant with the privacy policy of the company.

5. Contact

Maxmanpower.eu can be contacted by email on info@maxmanpower.eu